Award winning filmmaker Tina, aka Sureal, is primarily a Working and Creative Producer, 2nd Assistant Director, Writer, and Content Editor. If you are interested in the award winners, please click here.

“I had to learn quickly. My first time out was in 2003; I was Production Manager on a 12-day feature shoot, 50 actors, 40 extras, 20 crew, 2 locations and a budget under $12K-US. I had a great Production team - there were three of us. I had no idea of what I was doing, totally green. But by day three the Producer/Director was kind enough to refer to me as “Mum.” I was surprised and amused that I had earned the title. I didn’t sleep the first 32 hours of the shoot. After 31 hours, someone was brilliant enough to shove me into a side room with a bed and said, “sleep.”

 “My fondest production? The documenting of His Holiness the dalai lama conducting teachings at Star Pass in 2005. It was exciting, nerve-racking and serene all at the same time. I was a Production Assistant and thrilled to have been invited by the Production Team. Talk about surreal!”

Beginning in 1989, Tina has won numerous awards and honors in both poetry and play writing. Her first collection of poetry has just been published by IGLOO Press, which includes photography by Cinematographer, Will Turner.

“Message and delivery mean everything to me. I want the audience to be touched, moved and inspired.”

In 1997 Tina was a detainee to the regular day job. In order to maintain her sanity, she negotiated bits of time off during the workweek to intern for Sound Producer Jeff Davis at KKRQ. By 1998 she joined her comedy troupe, The People Who Do That, colleague as co-host for a weekly early morning show named Automatic Transition on community radio station KXCI. Bob and Tina kept up the gig for a year.

“It’s amazing what you can get away with on-air at that time in the morning. We could play whatever we wanted within reason. It was exhausting, but so much fun!”

“This was such a difficult time for me. I was a single-self-supporting mom. I refused to let my creativity drown in the mundane, so I sought outlets while working full-time and raising a daughter. I would do poetry readings, the radio show, art modeling, and tarot readings while also being paid in jobs that required organization, analytical skills and human resources. One woman wanted me to take over her small Temp business. I had one manager that gave me a brand-new department by default, ‘give it to Tina, she'll figure it out.’ Another manager in a huge company, referred to me in a pivotal meeting as his ‘Ace Pitcher’. I had a VP give me the biggest raise I had ever had or seen by anyone else at that company, because she valued what I brought to the company and she had the authority... All the while, I was eying my way back into the artist community full-time.”

“In April of 2001 I had the opportunity to return to school and finish my Bachelors at the University of Arizona. I turned to media arts. That fall I took my two daughters to an evening exhibition put on by fellow filmmakers. After ten minutes they both spewed, ‘Oh my G’d, there are more of you.’ And that was the kiss.