While we were unable to get this documentary feature off the ground we were able to bring together a few stories.


Are we correct to assume that there is culpability in being homeless, and how does that assumption affect how the homeless are treated? SHELTER: Homeless Voices dispels the typical stereotype of the homeless by capturing insights from those who are currently homeless and those who have experienced homelessness. How do public officials and members of the community treat the homeless? How does it feel to be shunned by your community?

We were able to raise some funding in the Fall of 2013. We are eternally grateful to all those who contributed in any capacity they were able to offer.

Timothy Alexander

Ron Austin

Renee Bibby

Logan Byers

Elizabeth Burden

Casa Maria

Charles and Mary Casper

Kim Coleman

Denis Constales

Occupy Erica

Angelica Felice

Michael Fenlason

Brian Flagg

Paul Gattone

Donna Gifford

Janet Lynn Henderson

Jan Hise

Patrick Luce


Barry McCabe

Jon McLane

Phoenix Michael

Dr. Munroe, Ph.D.

Pan Left Productions

Jim Pernicano

Primavera Foundation

Robin Reineke

Revolutionary Grounds Books and Coffee


David Sherman

Joy Soler

Robert Stephens

Benjamin Strout

John Swart

Jacob Wahl

Contributing MediaOrganizations

Pan Left Productions

Liminal Communications

Creayto Studios



BOBBY BURNS, Executive Producer

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Bobby is currently an Academic Adviser with Student Services at Pima Community College and holds a Masters of Education from Northern Arizona University. He has taught high school and at younger levels.

Bobby has written for various newspapers including Oxford Magazine and The Arizona Daily Star. Bobby currently writes for The Arizona Informant Newspaper and is currently working on a book of poetry.

After publishing his book in 1998, SHELTER: One Man’s Journey From Homelessness to Hope, his publisher sent this Navy Veteran on a 9-city book tour via Greyhound Bus. He stayed and spoke at homeless shelters along the way while giving hope to others. Bobby currently lives in Tucson with his wife and three children.

TINA HUERTA (SurealWorks), Producer, Line & Editor

Tina is primarily a Creative and Line Producer, Writer, 2nd Assistant Director, and Content Visual-Audio Editor. She has two published collections of poetry and her first fairy tale in a book series. Tina is highly cable of bridging talent, vision and business together as she has done for her award winning projects. Her background spans Radio and TV Broadcast, Commercial Production, Filmmaking, as well as Publishing.

You can find many of Tina's talents displayed throughout this site!

STEEV HISE (Liminal Communications), Director

Steev is an artist, filmmaker, and activist, originally from Iowa and currently based in Tucson, Arizona. He has been been doing a mix of artistic and political audio/video work since 1992 and media activism since 2000. He did graduate study in new media and electronic art at California Institute of the Arts where he studied with Morton Subnotick and Dick Hebdige.

Steev has made several films on a variety of social justice and environmental topics. In 2004-2005 he produced and directed On The Edge, a feature-length documentary about the femicide in Ciudad Juárez and Chihuahua City, Mexico. Since that project his work has been primarily focused on the topic of the border and immigration. In 2010 he created a short film for the Sierra Club, Wild Versus Wall, about the environmental effects of militarization on the U.S./Mexico border, and in 2012 he completed a short fiction/journalism hybrid web series called Truth On The Line.

Steev has been a member of the Tucson non-profit video collective, Pan Left Productions, since 2005. He has presented his work across the Americas, in Europe, and Australia and is the founder of Detritus.net, a website devoted to artistic appropriation. Steev maintains a homepage there at detritus.net/steev and a personal blog at steev.hise.org.

PATRICK McARDLE (Digital Downtown Darkroom), 2nd Camera, Photography

Patrick McArdle is an award winning professional photographer, artist and visual explorer specializing in photojournalism, documentary and editorial photography and film making. He is the founder and owner of Digital Downtown Darkroom which provides community access to various alternative and contemporary photographic projects.

Patrick has extensive experience in photography, video and life which started in the U.S.M.C. He received his BA in Creative Photography in 1983. Patrick traveled and worked abroad and is currently based in Tucson Arizona.

ROGELIO CAMARILLO (Artistic Sound & Video), Production Sound Mixer, Music Mastering

Rogelio, originally from Yuma, Arizona began his career in sound twenty years ago in college radio. He has worked his way up from being a Live DJ to having his own studio and mastering music recordings. He even worked on the program, SHALOM, broadcast on Telemundo in the late 1990s.

Nothing can boost your reputation in the Southwest in the profession of sound like working for Jim Brady, which Rogelio did for a couple of years back in 2001. And few get the opportunity to hone your talent on the road, but Rogelio has traveled all over the US to ensure high quality sound for live music shows. Today, Rogelio is called on to perform all forms of sound requirements, whether it’s from recording and mixing on film sets or all the way to creating an album or even a film sound track. One of Rogelio’s projects, in which he captured location sound and is currently in post, is the SciFi Thriller, Nem Gate.

STEVE BAYLESS, Post Production Supervisor

Steve Bayless has been the senior editor at Arizona Public Media, the Tucson PBS affiliate, for the past nineteen years with a brief stint as Post-Production Supervisor while the station converted to a fully digital workflow. There he has worked on many local and national programs including the award-winning series “The Desert Speaks” which he helped win many accolades including a Rocky Mountain Emmy Award for his efforts on the post-production sound design. His other accomplishments include another Emmy for editing achievements as well as other PBS awards and recognition.

As an independent filmmaker, Steve has collaborated with other talented Tucson locals to produce award winning short films such as “Dudevision”. Steve wrote, produced and edited the shorts "Not 2B Toyed With' and “Silent RED”, which have been seen in festivals and conventions around the world. In addition, he teaches other aspiring editors at Pima Community College. Steve holds a Bachelor’s degree in Media Arts from the University of Arizona.


Roman Hansford (Creayto Studios) Audio Remastering

SCOTT JACKSON, Graphics and Web Design

Scott is all about the visual. He earned his BFA in Studio Art at the University of Arizona in 2001, then went on to complete his thesis for his MA in Art History, Theory and Criticism from Prescott College in 2010. You can find some of his paintings at http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/scott-jaxon.html?tab=artwork.

While Scott does participate in some rather intellectual pursuits, such as he did for the Center for Consciouness Studies in 2008, he also maintains his balance by providing web development for local, national and international companies. Scott is currently the Art Director for Igloo Press, a boutique publisher.